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This script will convert any Lightscape attribut Library (material) to an Architectural material.

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Lightscape / imported max / imported MAX with converted materials

Run the script and point to the *.atr file to convert. The script will ask if you want to add the material to the materialslots too or only to the library. When conversion is done, you can save the library or drag the materials to the scene.
The script converts all material exept the "fabric translucent", all values from the first Tab in the LS materialeditor the diffuse color and also loads the bump and intensity map to the architectural map.

The script can't set the bump and intensity checkbox correct ( it only tries to interpret default values)

this is version 0.4 : Download

here the typical workflow:

The importer of max/viz generates a lightscape material , which includes a standard material as base material. When browsing the Scene you can drag the materials into a free slot.

After you have converted the attribut library with my script you have new materials in the mtl library .. go to the browser and change to "mtl Library". Now you can see that the names of the materials are similar to the imported materialnams exept the ending "_TT". Drag the converted materials from the "mtl Library" on the base material of the imported material.

There is something you should know:
You have to manually controll the settings, since the file SDK from LS doesn't pointed me to the correct flag of the bump /intensity feature of LS, so the convertr can't decide if the bump is enabled or not ....
take_care.pngI feel that this is not a perfect solution, but at least a good start if you HAVE TO move from ls to viz/max and want to use all your materials from lightscape.
Take care , the architectural material of max is much slower with some shaders then lightscape!

have fun!


Please honor my work with a postcard or a little donation (5-10euro);
This Tool is at least postcardware's not Freeware!

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