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Christian Bauer
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wrotes on Sunday, 10:47:10 4 August 2002 :

This is work in progress!!! please ignore until it's finished...

This is a short description of the Postsparkasse by Otto Wagner.

The very special about that Building is the -Kassasaal- which this scene is about.

The Room is located where normaly the innercourt is and will be lighten by two glassroofs of, first normal glass and then frosted glass which gives the room a touch of "heaven".

The floor lighten the basement through glasbricks, but this isn't the point of our challenge.
Your render should be able to lighten the room through two layers of glass(both modeled as full twosided faces) and the last layer will diffuse the light in a way ony translucent materials can do it. I'm not sure if SSS will do the same trick but maybe it can help. ...rendertime!

You will also need radiosity since the room is a innercourt of a 26m tall building, so light will bounce from the walls (normaly there should be windows.. but who cares) and have to lighten the shadowed areas. Normaly this shouldn't be a problem, but on some renderer it will increase the rendertime.

You can use your own maps. The maps i have provided are in two formats:
I.)jpg for diffuse and gif for alpha/mask or
II.) tga with alphalayer.

On the maxfile every uvw is provided, on the LW file you have to correct it maybe. There are only materialtemplates, so you have to tweak for your own. ;)
There is also a DWG file, with layers seperated in Materials of the original maxfile.

There will be again two categories:
1. Simulation
no fakes, no fillights, no aeral lights, Light travel throughs both layers of glass, one sunlight with these values:
Lat: 48.2
Long: -16.2
Time: 14:00 30-7-2002

Azimuth 209 / Altitude 60

2. Freestyle
do what you want and what's needed

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