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Christian Bauer
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wrotes on Sunday, 17:42:06 4 August 2002 :

The Scene was original modeled in Viz3 in early 2002. Now after some meshtweaking i will drop the new Challenge with a basic file and an addonpack.

The Scene is basicaly correct in it's size, the Unit is 1m and should be corrected if changed to match the real size for radiosity.

There are lot of details which is not modeled but painted to the maps, so feel free to add details.

The mesh is not that heavy (less than 300k poly), so it shouldn't be a problem for average machinas.

There was a problem with the walls and boolean operations, so i choose a different way to model the wals from extruded splines. This is maybe a point for you to change the model.


since the scene was originaly modeled in viz3 it's also compatible with max3 and max4.
There is only a basic setup of the materials, but with applied UVW's.

3dsmax file

This scene was converted with 3dexploration and optimized later in Lightwave to have a very lightweight scene. The UVW might be optimized and correted but materials settings are applied.
Lightwave files

This is a basic 3ds file with all uvw coords and applied materials

3ds file (2,5mb)

The scene was exported in viz3. every layer represents one material in viz3, so it should be a very easy task to convert it to the renderer of your choice
DWG2000 file
DXF13 file


The maps are in JPGformat for the diffuse channel and in GIF/PNGformat for the alpha/mask channel.

You get one handpainted map for the wall with ornaments with an maskmap, and two also handpainted maps for the floors.
all Maps

have fun and feel free to add coments if the mesh is not ok for you.


Christian Bauer
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wrote on Sunday, 17:37:02; 4 August 2002:

Here Some addons to the existing scane which is good enough for lightstudies, but maybe you want to add some other mesh.

I modeled some additional details like furniture or lights.

There is a Door for the office with clock and date and some lights which have ~130k poly additional:

I have also added furniture which is an identical mix of the past and the actual furniture. feel free to place it in the scene:

here the files
max addons
Lightwave addons
3ds addons

dwg addons
dxf addons

These addons should be merge into the existing scene.
You have to change materials, but everything else *should* be positioned right.



Christian Bauer
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wrote on Monday, 18:50:10; 5 August 2002:

i have added now an mirror for all turbosquid users.
(you have to be logged in)

search for renderchallenge or postsparkasse.

maybe this direct link brings you also to the page.

there are all files from above, have a look at the list on the right.

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