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Christian Bauer
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wrotes on Sunday, 10:47:17 4 August 2002 :

The Postsparkasse/Postal Savings Bank by Otto Wagner:

It's very difficult to describe a general lightingsituation in the "kassa"room, so you will get very different results.. look at the photographys and you will see the same "problem" for the photographers too. ;)

There are several links on the web:

Some Photos from the austrian Architecture db
by Margherita Spiluttini

some interresting Images and a floorplan

This is a video from a real model, just interresting to see the innercourt

here is a collection by me...

as soon as i have time i will add a panorama of the room.


Christian Bauer
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wrote on Friday, 12:08:54; 2 August 2002:

maybe i should point you to the two possible lightsituations:

1. Clear Sky AND direct sunlight:

Photos by Margherita Spiluttini
I would say this is the goal for those who really want to simulate. You can see that the glass is not 100% opaque.

2. Clouded Sky or no direct sunlight:

This is the most interresting situation since this is the more common situation.

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