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Christian Bauer
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wrotes on Monday, 13:45:39 16 June 2003 :

Hi all,

This is another fine challenge about radiosity and in this case about the usage of HDR images.

Blochi asked me if i'm interested in open another challenge and i thought the topic he brings on the table is very interresting since many 3d artists work on productdesign and "smaller" enviroments than the last three challenges.

Blochi created an hdri of his living room with an table and an cute ibook on it.
Then he used this enviroment to lighten 3d objects and pasted it into the existing still.

The result is impressive.

OK, you can try to do the same, because you get all the files(3d, textures, hdri) and you can try to make anything which make sense (or no sense but fun)... just think about all the mosters in your PC who can't wait to jump around on the table or the cars who try to give "gummi".

It's your turn and it can become a reference system.

More informations and rules here: http://www.blochi.com/gfx/hdri/


Christian Bauer
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wrote on Friday, 16:15:03; 11 June 2004:

You can dL the files also here:

3d scenes:
Lightwave scene
3ds File (please correct scaling)
OBJ file/model
VRML model
XSI file
Expect a 3dsmax r3 file this week!

The images:
Backdrop image (hires hdri)
Spherical Enviroment (hires hdri) ~5mb
Angular map Enviroment (hdri-probe)

Here additional TIFF 48bit images (16bit/channel)
Backdrop image (hires Tiff 48bit)
Spherical Enviroment (hires Tiff 48bit)



Dean W Johnson
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wrote on Tuesday, 05:18:27; 17 June 2003:

Hey guys,

I would like to give this one a try, BUT, how can I convert the HDR images into another form like PNG or TGA so I can do it with POV-RAY!!???


Marcus Jacobs
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wrote on Tuesday, 05:24:13; 17 June 2003:

Dear Dean

You should be able to use HDR Shop to export it to a TGA format using HDR Shop. You can download it for free at this site:




Dean W Johnson
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wrote on Tuesday, 06:27:40; 17 June 2003:

Thank you Marcus


Christian Bloch
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wrote on Tuesday, 08:25:41; 17 June 2003:

Hi Dean,

You should also check the site of this guy, who is writing an HCR Image Editor, specifically with POV-Ray in mind.


That's why I was actually expecting POV-Ray to handle HDR Images.



Ze PilOt
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wrote on Tuesday, 18:33:39; 17 June 2003:

the .XSI file has incorrect camera information :-/ It's possible to have a correct file ? (I can't convert from another format, and the obj file has no camera too)


Christian Bloch
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wrote on Wednesday, 12:14:37; 18 June 2003:

Hi ZePilot,

That's not quite that easy, since I don't have XSI and cannot verify the conversion. Deep Expolarion seems to treat geometry and scene items differently.
So, what I did is I added a Box with the camera's position/rotation to the scene. The frontside has a crosshatch as aiming guide, and in the center of this box is a single point, giving you the exact position of the camera.



Hope this helps.
And thank you for joining this journey.


Fred Pienkos
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wrote on Thursday, 02:09:17; 19 June 2003:


Christian Bauer
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wrote on Friday, 16:15:29; 11 June 2004:

Here the promised Max file.
I have removed all renderdependent plugins, so it's a clean max file.. this means also that you have to load the hdr BG-image manually!
clean MAX4 file

This is a goodie:
Vrml scene from canoma with textures note: this file have mapped textures , so you can move the camera a little bit or zoom in. ..you can see the vrmlscene here (~800kb textures)



Jochen Kreitz
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wrote on Friday, 12:42:44; 20 June 2003:

Hello to all,
my English is bad. Thus please grace walten leave.
I loaded and rendering the Scene without change into LW. Approximately to the half of the picture system crash with restart.
In the second attempt the smaller background picture was loaded. Only violent twitch the monitor picture then system crash with restart.

Thus with me it does not function for the moment.



System data: AMD 1200 Mhz, 750 MB RAM, GraKa PNY 750 GL, WIN2000, LW 7.5C


John Lai
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wrote on Wednesday, 01:28:18; 25 June 2003:

The usage of HDR images to light 3D scenes is about 5 and a half years old. However, the output images are limited by the render settings and the accuracy of the HDR images. Mental Ray users might be at a slight disadvantage here. I've been using HDR with XSI for about two and a half years now and one of the essential parameters for image-based lighting is currently missing in the renderer. The ability to dial in the number of bounces for a given ray is absent. The result, fairly flat IBL images with the need to do further color correction to the final output. Just my two cents.



Christian Bauer
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wrote on Saturday, 23:25:17; 28 June 2003:

Hi John.

maybe one of the reason why such features are missing is, that software developers are somehow ignoring the need of the users. ..3dsmax still can't work with hdrs without a plugin and it still works with only 64bit colorrange.

I remember Vlado from chaosgroup, who used Sibenik for testing vray and maybe this scene can help developers too.

First i thought the problem will be colormatching, but now i can see also problems with the glas. It should reflect the enviroment but at least vray have problems with glas.

i hope i can finish my first try on sunday...



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wrote on Sunday, 01:16:17; 19 October 2003:

Hello to all
I'm excited to see the excellent works rendered by LW,MR,vray
but when i try to render the scene by Final Render stage 1.0,I failed .When i used the HDR as invironment map to light up the scene it did but without the backdrop image in final output.
would you please give some idea to solve the problem?
Thanks a lot.


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wrote on Saturday, 10:49:28; 22 May 2004:

I'm can't download scene file ... help me

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