shitty tutorials. The point?

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wrotes on Saturday, 02:45:59 28 June 2003 :

What's the point of writing a tutorial with poor english and terrible explanation? Perhaps it gives you a certain "elite" satisfaction to publish knowledge while witholding vital explanations. Why even go to the trouble? You're fucking weak. Buy an English book you lazy fuck.


Christian Bauer
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wrote on Saturday, 10:14:51; 28 June 2003:

sorry, i will take them from the web ...ok?



Christian Bloch
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wrote on Saturday, 18:37:40; 28 June 2003:

I was actually giving a reply, but it's worthless...

Christian, keep it up!
There are people that appreciate your work.


Terry Riyasat
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wrote on Saturday, 05:28:20; 19 July 2003:

Dont worry about that asshat Christian, HE'S the lazy f**k who cant get the so called "vital explanations" by searching the web himself for any info that he feels is missing. Keep up the good work.


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wrote on Tuesday, 06:21:14; 22 July 2003:

n_ever (??)

if u 'ever' wanted help with the tuts, all u had to do was ask.
however, as you are an egotist and will be periodically slithering to sniff the bad odours reeking from your gratuitous remarks..... nah, can't be bothered communicating with a cretin.

christian, your tuts are great.
your english if fine.

looking forward to more.


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wrote on Saturday, 16:43:06; 22 May 2004:

isnt it a shame 'evers' grasp of the english language is nowhere close to christians


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wrote on Friday, 08:59:55; 12 November 2004:

What's the point of writing a tutorial with poor english and terrible explanation?

To discourage angry people from joining our ranks.

Anybody who would write a tutorial, regardless of linguistic ability, has my respect.

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