Christian Bauer; 6/2003

Some informations about CGtechniques:

Cgtechniques is nothing else than a webspace with some public content. So.. to make it more clear: cgtechniques is a Playground for us and some of our friends... it's also a try to help ppl without webspace, since we know how difficult it is to get good free webspace to upload images.


Please contact us if you want to have a look at our portfolio or demoreel.
Bitte kontaktieren sie uns ,wenn sie einen Blick auf unser Portfolio oder Demoreel



A little history:
It started with the Lightbox(r1), an EZ-messageboard about lighting techniques in 3D, primary for Lightscape. At that time i started to explore the web and some of the ways to store/realise ideas, but it always lacks of webspace.

There were lot of "free" provider, but they all switched to a comercial path and so it was time to search for a good provider without limits that hurts. When EZ started with popups and ads, it really was time for a webspace and a little journey for the small but excellent comunity which grows to ~130 members, and so i moved to a webspace with unlimited storage. ... i was not able to get the domain i wanted so i took cgtechniques, which itself is a challenge to remember and type in correctly ;) ..anyway a good choice i think in terms of global topic.

Lightbox(r2) was the first project on this webspace, but sadly this webboard, based on YaBB got hacked in 02/2002 a time where it was really funny to write some msgs and comunicate with the members. sad , there was a real drop of interrest ...and to be honest, it was my fault because i hadn't time to catch up members and open the board on a different server.
The other sad point was the lost of images uploaded by users. this hurted! sorry...anyway, at the moment it's real quiet at the Lightbox(r3), but i'm pretty sure that this will change in autum, when i finaly can offer all features of YaBB on my own boardsystem.

Another very nice project is the virtualvienna page, which sometimes killed my account because of the high traffic (http409). The idea was to capture an image of the vienna downtown beside the touristic path and also to offer an hdr image. I think without that hdri 's , which are not the topic of the page, no1 would have visit the page. The page also looked very unfinished, but anyway it was a good example of how to create web content by realising ideas... by "just" dooing it.

Another such idea was the (render) challenge. On F2S i also offered a nice scene to test with different renderers, but it never got traffic, because of the unfinished state of the mesh. ...i don't care about that try anymore, because Marko , who i know since some Years, ...but forgot how it happend that i know him... offered me his sibenik scene to publish for a competiton. It was few month before my server got hacked and i developed a small php/mysql web user interface. man... the first two weeks i was busy with fixing all that bugs which comes from my quick'n'dirty "just do it" philosophy... but then i was sure that this project can beat the virtualvienna thingie. I first wanted user to upload their images on my webspace, since i remember that it was always my problem to post images to a forum, but then i recognised that this would leave the whole project in a 409 orgie ;)
Sibenik was the first scene and i think this scene gave lot of ppl the first deeper look at the GI/radiosity problematic. It was a little death for everyone to get enough light into the cathedral, but the best of all was that you now can see the learningpath of the contributers and that was the best what could happens.
Marko offered me another scene which was eyecandy for most of us. Sponza was that kind of scene where you can show others your kind of feeling for 3d and also your kind of humor... just visit the page. ;).

I then offered the modell of the Vienna Postsparkasse by Otto Wagner. This time it was the translucent glas which can be a problem ..some call it SSS.

At the challenge i launched my own messageboard system: ACT! CG... i think it's better to know most of the securetyproblems than have to wait for servicepacks. It's still work in progress, but in a very solid state...usability is a little bit different to normal systems, but for small comunities even good enough ...not to say better than usual stuff. Now, some month later i can say that it was a challenge for me and that i should switch back to a proffessional board system... even if that board doesn't have the features of ACT! CG .

At that time i opened the Hdr image library. This is a collection of about 60 hdr images. I always was looking for place with enough bandwidth and so i was very happy that Stéphane from offered me Webspace. He read this about doc and then he asked me how he can help me. ..that's the way i like the internet.

In may 2003 i changed the provider.. that was difficulty, because it seems so that i maybe loose the domain since my old provider went to nirvana and doesn't free the registrar settings.. anyway.. i had luck and now i have a smaller webspace but with more bandwidth.

Some weeks later Christian Bloch asked me to setup another renderchallenge from one of his scenes, since he needed some compairson for his studies. It's a scene lightened completly by an hdr image.

At the same time i reupped a three year old project to my webspace... i founded a record label "interpolation record" ... we finally ..after three years of talking ..planing; we have done it! out ..there will be some goodies for CG artists too.. and i mean sound patches from a real world enviroment.

So ... you read that all? ..congratulation! Now you better contact me :)

contact / me:

Name: Christian Bauer
Nick: Seismograph, Dschaga
Profession: Visual Artist
Location: Vienna, Austria


Address if you want to send me an postcard or contact me:
..this would be very nice!!!



Some other point ,i don't want to miss, is to say that i have learned a lot of very interresting people on the web , what i now don't want to miss. Thanks to all!


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