Fassadeblinds for max4 and newer:

This script will generate blinds for a fassade.


That script is a rewrite of jon seagull's blinds
Also have a look at Pixelab's Tutorial

No long story: enable 3d snap (vertex) and start by typing in the number of floors. Move your mouse to the lower left of your fassade , click and drag the mouse to the lower right and release the mousebutton. Now the blinds will need the height. Move your mouse to the upper right and let the snap do the rest ..don't forget to click! :)

There is now a new version with a different UI:
Fassadeblinds for 3dsmax

There is a new Version available, which have a reorganised UI and a new Blinds mode: Sliding Blinds, which slides to the left or to the right. I also added a checkbox to generate a 2nd plane on the backside to use it proper with Glas or translucent Materials (Note: it's not a solid!)

If you like it then please send me a postcard or some renderings with email.

that's it...


Download NEW AEC fassadeblinds (r 1.06 04/2008)
Download OLD fassadeblinds (r 1.05 07/2003)
copy the script to your pluginfolder or into the script/startup folder