Christian Bauer; 3/2004

The secret eScape of Light 0.33:

by Christian Bauer

This is a GUI for the lightscape comandline tools (lsray, lsrender, lsrad, ls2vrml, lsmerge).


If you are using Lightscape you know that the cmd line tools are faster and have more features. This GUI have everything you will need to streamline your workflow from the begin of your work (with lsmerge) to processing (lsrad) and to rendering (lsray and lsrender). You are even able to output to vrml within this tool.

But this is not all! The GUI have a preview window where you can work on your final rendering. You can nearly interactivley see changes on the settings like brightness, BG color, fog and more. You can search for the right viewfile and even rendering many viewfiles will not stop this tool!

You can render Animations with one click and define every aspect of the animation like duration, speed and frames.



Click HERE how it works





0.37 many bugfixes
0.3 this is the first public version
- one *maybe* bug:
The filedialogs hide files when switching the filefilter. ..change the folder and the files appear again (it's maybe a bug from sharpdev0.99b)

Download the Demo:

eScape 0.37 (13.12.2004)
This is a Demoversion with one important limitation: the alphachannel output has been disabled.
Donate any amout of money you want or send me a postcard with your email and i will email you the newest and full working Version.


This tool is a .net executable and need the runtimelibrary from microsoft ( Download and install it.

You will need an installed Lightscape and you have to append the systempath with the LVS binary path (d:\lightscape\bin):
RMB on your computer and find your enviromentvariables:

Find the Path variable:

... append your LSV path to the value of the variable.


Please honor my work with one postcard or a little donation (10-20euros);
This Tool is at least postcardware's not Freeware!



any questions: please ask me

have fun with it!


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