Lightgen importer for max4/5:

This script will import lightgen files from hdrshop.


How to:

You can import txt files which were exported from hdrshop with lightgen to max4/5 and generate a lightdome. The importer can be adapted to use different basescales in the lightgen exporter.

I don't want to explane to much.. here is the ui: You can change the distance from the targetpoint to the light (the size of the skydome), you can change the base scale of the lightgenfile and you can change the shadowmapsize of each light. Then you have the parameters for brightness / saturation / shadowsharpness. By unchecking the "generate only a skydome" you can force the importer to generate a full lightsphere.


here some variants, to have an idea what the importer can:






Download lightgenimporter (r 0.4)

copy it to your scriptpath, load and run it.

this is at least postcardware

have fun with it!