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CGtechniques is since over two years online with some public content and some internal minisites for clients. The few Public Projects have ~800-1000 unique visits every day and sometimes with peaks of more than 5000 visits.

Here you can find out more about all the Public Projects.


//The Lightbox
The Lightbox was the first Project on a EZ board. The msg-baord was primary for questions about Lightscape and similar Lightning techniques. // have a look at the lightbox r1 here.
Later the board moved to the new server , but got hacked one year later // have a look at lightbox r2 here.
Then i used the System from the rendercompetion... it should help users to brows the renderchallenge together with the msg board. The Lightbox r3 can be directly reached with the redirector You can say, this is/was the mainreason to run that webspace.


//The Renderchallenge
the renderchallenge This project was started when Marko Dabrovic send me his mesh of //Sibenik Cathedrale. I converted and uploaded the files and after few days we knew that this project will be very challenging for everyone who was and is involved.

The 2nd Project was the //Sponza Atrum, again modelled by Marko Dabrovic. This scene was much easier than Sibenik and als a real eyecandy.

The 3rd Project was the //Postsparkasse in Vienna. The challenge was the stained glass, which can still trouble artists with rendertimes and dirty images.

Then Blochi asked me to setup another challenge to help him finding out how different software uses hdri images. Easy on the first sight, but opened in your 3d app the scene can be very difficult... that's //Blochi's scene


//Virtual Vienna
virtualvienna, a panotour through vienna This Project was a suprising success, not the project itself, but the "outtakes" i produced in capturing the downtown of Vienna. It's a panorama tour with abaout 30 panoramas and few of them included some hdri's. This was the beginning of the hdri library ->


//The Hdr image library
When i realised, that the virtual vienna project was interresting because of the hdrs images, i decided to make them independend from the panorama tour. This library produced a lot of traffic and so i was very happy that Stéphane from offered me, to host them on his webspace. It produces still too much traffic so i will cut it down to few collections like sunny sky , clouded sky , interior, night... I hope this will solve most traffic issues.


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