Christian Bauer; 7/2003


Some are tutorials, some are short tips.


Updated Tutorial of HDR skydomes with hdrshop :.(09-02-2004)
hdri library It was three years ago, when i wrote a Tutorial about using a serie of fisheye images to create an hdri skydome for lighten a 3d scene. I used mkhdr.exe to generate hdr images, but after a while i started to use hdrshop.
This is now an updated Tutorial about an old technique and it seems so that it's still actual because Bernhard Rieder pointed me to a siggraph paper with a similar but more science topic about "Direct Hdr capturing the sun and sky" ... anyway, my way is more the Q'n'D way for lazy ppl.

//How to tweak hdr images (03-16-2003)
How to tweak hdris The main problem of Hdrimage creating is, that you can't produce very high dynamic range images with a consumer camera. Do you want to know how to get real high dynamic range? Here a Tutorial about painting the sun on a hdri. I know it's only a fake, but it makes sense, because we only manipulating the range of the sun.

//How to selfillumination in Viz4 (12-01-2002)
This is a small tut on how to use selfilluminated objects and how to setup radiosity in viz4. This tutorial is based on a friends request of explaning Viz4. I wrote it and found out that it's not that hard to find out how to use selfilluminated objects. Viz seems to be very good solving such situations. Still it's not a competitor to lightscape...

//How to tweak Lightscape (08-12-2002)
It's not a review or featurecounting, but more a quick impression. You will see a typical workflow on the Postsparkasse scene. The main reason for that tutorial, was to show how fast lightscape can be and how easy you can manage difficult scenes. It shows also an interressting aspect of lightscape ability to produce 48bit tif images which can be easily manipulated in HDR-shop.

//How to create a Panorama image (10-28-2001)
how to create panoramaimages This Tutorial describes how you create of only three images a complete panorama with PTstitcher from H.Dersch. You can dL all resources and try it for your own. The only drawback of this tutorial is, that you have to install Sun's Java Vmachine on your window or mac... but this can be acceptable.

//How to create an Hdri-Dome (08-09-2001)
hdridome This Tutorial describes how you can very easy convert a fisheyeimage from the Nikon 9xx cameras to a spherical Skypanorama and then to a HDRI. This should help you producing your own hdr enviroment. everything can be done in Photoshop and hdr-shop or any other hdri compiler.

//How to remove the photographer from an mirrorball (08-10-2001)
how to remove the photographer This Tutorial describes how to remove the Photographer from a spherical mirror. This is an old tutorial by me but i think it's worth to have a look at it if you want to create HDRI probes for lightwave or any other package. Now , two years later there are different ways to remove the photographer without panotools, but maybe you find it still usefull... maybe i rewrite the tutorial, but i don't use that technique, since it doesn't make sense to me and also it's too complicated since you have to use two tripods and a spherical mirror, which is hard to get in a good quality (i have two metal mirrors and some christmas balls).



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